Eden Street

Hey, folks! This is the official Eden Street webpage. It’s literally a page on my blog at the moment. Anyway, I’m delighted you’re here. WELCOME TO EDEN STREET!

Eden Street is my shiny new paper goods shop, and speaking of shiny things, check out what’s on sale:

Magic Mail Set
2 hand-stamped A6/postcard-sized foil prints (1 of each design or 2 of the same, and you pick the colors!)
1 surprise postcard from my personal stash, all from the UK
1 surprise 3×4 journal card from my personal stash
1 striped envelope*
2 handmade parchment envelopes* with hand-cut confetti**
All for P280, including nationwide shipping!
*Envelopes are C6 size (postcard-sized)
**Confetti colors are pink, blue, and gold, unless you only want 1 or 2 colors

Pretty Prints Set
2 hand-stamped A6/postcard-sized foil prints (1 of each design or 2 of the same, and you pick the colors!)
1 surprise postcard from my personal stash, all from the UK
1 surprise 4×6 journal card from my personal stash
1 surprise 3×4 journal card from my personal stash
All for P240, including nationwide shipping!

(Or more precisely, what I imagine would be the FAQs)

What makes your postcards different from other foil prints in the market?
My foil prints were individually hand-stamped at the London Centre for Book Arts in East London. I attended a foil blocking workshop, which allowed me to buy a studio pass and use the center’s facilities to make my own foil-blocked prints. It’s a pretty hardcore arm workout, you guys!

Please keep in mind that these handmade prints look different from each other, particularly the ‘Surprise Yourself’ design as I used a variety of foils for that batch. All the prints are A6 size (4.13 × 5.83 inches) and made of thick, imported card stock—it was important for me that they have a lovely, sturdy ‘postcard feel’.

So, how does foil blocking work?
Basically, the foil is pressed against a substrate (such as paper or leather) via a heated surface. This hot surface is usually a metal block with the design you want in reverse, just like a rubber stamp. A foil blocking (or foil stamping) machine heats the metal block, and when it’s pressed against the foil and paper, it “brands” the foil onto the paper—the heat and pressure activate the foil, causing it to separate from its backing and adhere to the paper. Et voila, a foil-stamped print!

I made a couple of original designs, then I ordered my magnesium blocks from Metallic Elephant in the UK. I promise to write a blog about the entire process, but in the meantime, please follow @edenstreet on Instagram. I’ll be posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos soon!

Do you know of any foil blocking workshops or facilities in Manila?
No, I don’t, unfortunately. If I ever hear of Manila-based workshops/studios that foil fans might enjoy, I’ll make sure to update this page!

Why do the prints only come in sets?
Shipping a single postcard would essentially double its price, so I wanted to make it cost-effective for you! That said, if you really just want to get the foil prints, of course you can. They are P60.00 each, and shipping is P60.00 for up to 20 prints.

Do you ship nationwide? How about internationally?
Yes, I ship nationwide! Not internationally, though… not yet, anyway!

What modes of payment do you accept?
I only accept payment by BPI bank deposit at the moment, or cash on delivery if you’re willing to meet up in the Boni MRT/Pioneer area.

Do you do meetups?
Only in the Boni MRT/Pioneer area—Light Mall, Robinsons Forum and Cybergate, and Kapitolyo’s main streets. You can pay in cash upon delivery; just deduct the P60.00 shipping fee from the listed price. (Please let me know if I need to bring change.)

How can I see the entire range of colors?
Drop me a message (see contact details below) and I’ll send you a link to the entire album, which includes my notes on colors and how certain foils turned out. (Foils aren’t created equally!) I’ve only edited the photos slightly to make sure they’re as close as possible to the actual prints’ colors.

Which colors do you recommend?
For ‘Stay Golden’ I really love the look of gold foil on navy blue, even though I’m not exactly a huge fan of navy. I have very few navy prints, though, so grab them while you can! The fuchsia is a very close second—it’s really popular among my friends. For ‘Surprise Yourself’ I’m partial to the iridescent foil, which really pops out on white.

Why does the ‘Stay Golden’ print only come with gold foil?
Well, gold foil goes best with the words. ;-) Not to worry, though, you have plenty of choices with the ‘Surprise Yourself’ print!

How do I contact you?
I’m thrilled that you’re interested! You can email me at shopedenstreet@gmail.com, or text me at +63 915 883 8623. I’m also on Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Whatsapp using my UK number: +44 7983 219735.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to Eden Street!