My name is Micah. Or Mia. Long story short, I tried out a new nickname when I moved to London – more accurately, Kingston upon Thames in Greater London, which means it’s barely London, but I milk that for all it’s worth. I eventually decided I liked my real name better, but I got stuck with Mia as that was how I introduced myself to everyone at school. My friends back home in Manila, Philippines still take the piss out of me for it.

I’m almost done with my MA in Magazine Journalism at Kingston University. Before moving to England for postgraduate studies, I was concurrently the managing editor of K-Zone Philippines and the features editor of Runner’s World Philippines. I’ve been a published writer for over seven years, having written for Philippine magazines like Candy, Women’s Health, and Men’s Health, as well as a few bookazines. Here in the UK, I was the deputy editor of Synced Magazine, which was created by my MA class. I’ve also completed a few work placements: three months with DIVE Magazine, a week at 220 Triathlon Magazine, and two weeks at PR Week Magazine.

I love cats, paper, bright colours and beautiful things, and you’ll see all of those on this blog. I’ll also write about my personal creative projects, my life as a foreign student in London, and bits and bobs of inspiration that I find on the internet.

Thanks for dropping by!


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