Instagram Favourites 01

Aaand I’m back! I’m starting a regular section that I’ll call Instagram Favourites (I know, so creative), rounding up my six Instagram picks from the past week. Please expect loads of modern calligraphy and lettering, bright colours, and gorgeous stationery!

Instagram is my favourite social media site and therefore the one I’m most active on. (Drop by my profile, will ya?) I enjoy seeing what my friends are up to, especially my friends back home, but I also love looking at other people’s artistic projects. (And because I have some very talented friends, those two ‘categories’ often overlap.) Fellow Instagrammers inspire and encourage me daily to pursue my own creative interests while giving me my fix of design, colour, and pretty things.

Here are my favourites from this week:

Elsewhere, I’m really loving the quick but inspiring articles on 99U, as well as the easy-to-digest albeit sometimes hard-hitting hand drawn insights on graphic designer Adam J. Kurtz’s website. Do check them out – it’ll definitely be worth your while.

Have a happy weekend, folks!



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